It’s FRIDAY!!!

IT’s FRIDAY again here in  America

And what Friday is complete with out me saying:


Jasmine Kyle, I Am  Jasmine Kyle, Jasmine, Singer Songwriter, Musician, Pianist, Tori Amos, Kate Bush, ENYA, Enya, What Will All The Neighbors Think?, Female Musician,

 Penney Fox has been asking me to tell you all what I have been up to so

just in case you don’t care,



Still there?

My sweet husband

let some of his work friend hear a couple of songs and

even though he is in trouble for that,

they LOVED it!


 I got booked for a charity event at Macy’s if your in the Area on the 24!


 It will be the first time REAL HUMANS hear my music LIVE!


It’s either everyone stops and stares at me

or I will be TOTALLY ignored! Or a little of both! 


This show has made me move up ALL of my time lines however

and that’s where you find me today.


I don’t think I realized how much work I still had to do!


I have also been working on my website, the blog and all the little back end things

an independent artist has to do,

Talking about my self A LOT

Just tweaking things…


You know when your filling out forms and your DONE for the day talking about YOURSELF!


OOH another COOL THING,  Frontrange Scribbles  has offered to

place me on his RADIO SHOW!

 Check out some of his great work HERE

I’ll tell you more about all of that later!


  It’s my FIRST radio show!!

The WORST part about all of this is how much I beat my self up!


But I’m much smarter than the immature girl who does those things to her self so


ME better watch out for ME

If you know what I’m saying! 

What are you guys up to this FRIDAY?

!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

If I Wasn’t …

Trying to be a LADY this year I MAY…

If I Wasn't ...

Track down the person who stole my credit card


and proceeded to steal 400 Bucks, where they can shove those items they charged at

I hope the things you bought were AWESOME!!!
Had a little Identify Theft Lately???