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New Magnolias Deserve REVENGE!

Ok there is some controversy brewing in my home and it’s not about referees making bad calls…. (Go Pack)


      Lifetime is making a new version of Steel Magnolias. Our family is VERY open to REMAKES.   But there are some movies I don’t want to see  Re-made!!!


The image of Shelbe telling her mom her colors are “Blush and Bashful!” Is forever seared into my brain!!!

    My daughter or I, will open the fridge and blurt out… “Sammy Duane Desoto What is this in my FRIGIDARE??”   OR  My daughter will say, “I slapped Weeza Boudreaux” Really loud in the produce section and embarrass me.                            

      Do you have a friend that looks fat in a dress…”Looks like 2 pigs fighting under a blanket”. Can’t agree on something? There’s always “Bleeding Armadillo Grooms cake!” “I’ve never even heard of GRAY ICEING!!!”

     We were not sure if we wanted to watch this NEW version coming October 7th on Lifetime.   

   But then I saw this GREAT cast !!!

The new movie has an all black cast. I think the twist is fun and it gives some very good black actresses a platform to play someone other than Bess.

I am planning to watch it ONLY BECAUSE Phylicia Rashad, Jill Scott and  Alfre Woodard. These actresses are AMAZING and Philicia Rashad is like a second mother to me.

Are you going to watch? Are you as conflicted as I am about the remake? Let me know!!!!

On to REVENGE it is one of my many FAVORITE GULITY PLEASURES!!!

I love this show!!! I didn’t want to but give me a good voice over and some pretty landscape I’m IN!! 

I love this show SO much I even wrote a song called REVENGE after our heroine EMILY!

When we last saw Emily she couldn’t  be with Jack because of FAKE Amanda,

She Dumped Daniel

        Her MOTHER is ALIVE!

      NOT to stir up a bit of controversy BUT Victoria Grayson did NOT get on that Airplane!!!!

    The Network says that there will be more targets and bigger ones!

     It’s moved to SUNDAY to so don’t forget to SET YOUR DVR’S or tune in!!!! WHOO HOOO!!! REVENGE IS BACK!

Till next time…