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 Now I ask WHAT is going on with Adrianne Maloof???

      I have a theory about women who’s marriages are about to brake up. They find someone to fight with and make that person’s life a living nightmare! (ENTER LISA)    We have seen this happen  season after season,  women who are at the end of there rope pick fights and start drama just before they are about to get D.I.V.O.R.C.E d

Right before the DIVORCE

(I still can’t stand Kelsey)

       Adrianne was one of my favorite housewives until all this mess started so it was hard to see her decline last season. I think it was REALLY ugly that she got a little dog and named it Jackpot, went on to say “Move Over Jiggy” and then act like it was not a jab at Lisa’s famous little balding pooch.

     Don’t provoke someone and get defensive when they poke back! Lisa made a wise crack and called her dog Jackpot “Crackpot” in jest and this was enough for war!

       Than Adrianne got all pissed off because Lisa’s daughter had her Bachelorette party at The Hard Rock and not at The Palm’s. (rich people right) Lisa’s old friends who have watched her daughter grow up, offered to have HER party at there casino. It was a nice gesture and it was GENEROUS. Lisa had NOTHING to do with her daughter’s bachelorette party. So why get upset about it??? She accuses Lisa is not supporting her???? REALLY????    

      My next argument brings me to BEVERLY HILLS SHOE SHOWDOWN!!!!  I think once Lisa sensed she was being pitted in DIRECT competition with Mrs. Maloof she had just decided to join in the competitive spirit.



The VanderPUMP

     How Adrianne finds that remark insulting is BEYOND ME? I mean it would take a lot to insult me if I were a BILLIONAIRE. And by the way Diamonds on the soul of the shoe is and insult to impoverished people. Ever heard of that song by Paul Simon?


        Then she goes to her husband’s Office while he’s working on Kim’s face and starts asking  “Paul do you know what your doing?” while he’s WORKING on injecting filler or Botox into a person’s face!!!!! All the while Adrianne says “STOP Paul don’t that’s to much”

   BUT when Paul tries to protect her as they head to a basketball game right after the Maloof’s announce that they are going to sell the Sacramento Kings team, where protesters and death threats arise from the people who work for the team and who are fans.  It was not safe for her to go but she wen’t ANYWAY and as he’s trying to protect her,  I clearly remember her saying “STAY OUT OF MY BUSINESS AFFAIRS”!!!

    Now with this HORRIFIC divorce saying Paul is beating her and the kids would be a NIGHTMARE if it were true.

     Watching her unraveling has been sad.  I always thought she was calm and quiet kind of girl and I LOVE quiet calm girls but she is mean, manipulative and jealous. I am sad to say the way she’s conducting her self is beneath a woman of her stature.  I really hope it doesn’t get worse but I think it is going to.

     Of course we want Adrianne to find her way back to the world. We all need positive strong women around.  I hope she grows out of this but I am afraid her behavior towards Paul and her cast-mates has burned a lot of bridges.

     But can you really ever feel sorry for a billionaire? I don’t know…. we’ll find out!

     How bad do you think it’s going to get?

Till next time…