The Oracle

A Being Or Entity Living Between Space And Time


Next Album Release Date:

October 20th 2015

Thank You For Your Support And Time



  1. Hey, how’s it all going? I miss you and your lovely gifs and funny words. Just had a chuckle at ‘Carol, get your shit together’ gif? Hope you are on your way to being a rich, famous and much admired singer??? Keep us posted like you promised. Just a word or two…. Emma

    • OH if my journey was to just be rich and admired I would run in the other direction LOL HAHAHA I got good sense LOL!!!! I am great How are you??? So nice to see a note from you Emma I hope you are well!!!!

      • Too true. I would hate to be famous. It’s hard enough being visible sometimes and worse, heard when I spout out rubbish. Well then I hope you are enjoying your musical genius and creativity and are feeling in the flow of your life. How’s that for well wishes? I am just tootling along, going nowhere but OK thanks 🙂

      • OH sometimes NOWHERE is EXACTLY where you need to be!!!! IT sucks that the only way you can get your message out there is by having people hear it and are inspired by it…But That’s the calling I got so… of I go… Thanks for wishing me luck before my leap!

    • AWH I am looking forward to getting to know you too!!!

    • AWH thank you! Thanks for taking the time to stop by. I really appreciate it. I enjoyed yours today too!

    • HEY YOUR SO WELCOME! I am honored you returned the favor! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. What a fun blog, I’m happy we ran into each other today! Good luck with your release date, I have just signed up to follow so I can keep up with your success. 🙂 Lisa

    • OH LISA your SO KIND!!!! I am EXCITED TO SHARE IT! I have enjoyed your blog as well! As you may see I am following now so we are not to loose touch with each other!

  3. Nice meeting you Jasmine,You have a beautiful blog and I like musicians 🙂 Tell me when can I listen to your music? When I find time,I will visit your archives!!!Thanks for the visit.Looking forward to read more about you !!!

    • Well a bright sunshiny sunflower is ALWAYS welcome! My album release date is September 17th. It’s my FIRST REAL album so there are none others to be heard! I look forward to reading up on your blog as well!

  4. I am also adding my best wishes, too! Thanks for including me and visiting my posts. You must be very excited with only a few days to go!! Thank you also for all your kind words, wishes and way you make me feel like I know you! I am so happy to have learned more about your music over the recent months. I remember when you weren’t talking so much about it… the “old days!” haha! Proud of you and hope to hear on my blog about how to order and pay for your music!

    • I will let you know I promise! I feel like I know you to! It’s so nice to have so many friendly faces here on WP it’s such a supportive community! I REALLY appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to help me! If you ever need something please let me know!

  5. A big congrats on your upcoming album! That must be so exciting!

    Much success! I’m sure it’s going to be huge! You deserve it!


  6. Thanks for following my blog. Went to your songs and listened to a couple. You have an awesome voice! I live in NE Wisconsin and have family in Milwaukee. You do us proud!! Will follow and check out you stuff.

    • LOL I promise to NOT embarrass Wisconsin! I will act as NORMAL as possible and answer ALL cheese questions with PRIDE! Thanks for the listen! Have a great WEEKEND!!!

  7. Listened to all the samples … loved them, and I’m buying the CD. Beautiful stuff. Looking forward to listening to the whole CD and to following your blog, Jasmine.

    • OH DAVE THANK YOU !!! And thank you for commenting! I hope you enjoy the album! Have a great weekend!!! I’ll follow you back!

  8. Hi Jasmine!!!!
    You were missed.
    And do you even remember me? There was this website you were probably designing so you left your blog, and then we lost contact. Sorry if I sound stupid.
    Anyways, good blog. Now following. 🙂
    -maria a.k.a. randomlyabstract.

    • Well thank you! I am so glad you like it. Your music is AMAZING too! IT has a classic feel that transported me as soon as I heard it! Especially the guitar riff. Really fun! I don’t write fun stuff … 😦

      • You know of course that my music is not mine ;). Shame on me for making it available to the general public (don’t tell a soul). You should write what you feel and something tells me you are doing just that. You can always count on me for lending my ear and writing a review for your music 🙂

      • 😀 this is so generous of you Jasmine. I have every intention of doing it some time in the future now that I have your blessing, I just need to find a perfect pic for the Revene :D. Thank you, sweetheart

      • OH GOOD I’ll add you back! LOL

  9. Hey jasmine ! Love your name….And your blog too 😉 You are such a fun writer. I would love to be in contact 🙂 Lots of love xx

    • Well thanks so much for stopping by! You are VERY welcome back and you can always email me iamjasminekyle@gmail.com!
      I try to be fun and quick! I Like your name too! I know the Black perl your the white perl! Works!
      Cant wait to keep in touch!

  10. Thank you so much for your visit to my blog, Jasmine. Great to meet you. I listened to a couple of your songs and loved them, beautiful voice and very haunting. I wish you much success in your career – two millions streams sounds a lot to me!

    • Oh Thank you! It is a lot but we get paid a fraction of a penny for each play so. It’s a painful honor! Thank you so much for taking time out of your buys day for me! I feel so special!

    • Thank You Daal Here Is A Link So You Can Listen To My Music!!! Happy 2017

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