The day has come! 




What Will All The Neighbors Think is 


Jasmine Kyle, I Am Jasmine Kyle, What Will All The Neighbors Think?


Or Search in you iTunes Store just TYPE MY NAME!!! 


You can listen for free 







  1. Oh wow! You’ve got such a stunning voice Jasmine and listened to all the tracks. Love the cover as well. Absolutely beautiful! Congrats hon! 😀

  2. Yknow the start of Magic kinda reminded me of Debussy, with how ethereal it is. I can’t decide whether that or ‘what will all the neighbours think?’ is my favourite but the songs are wonderful and I wish you every success 🙂

      • YAY! Damn I wish I could play piano. It’s pouring outside, the start of Revenge seems pretty appropriate haha…

      • LOL it’s WORKING!!! Oh good I was worried because of your computer! I was like OMG get the free link up before she looses connection again~! IT’s raining in England… Not surprising!

      • Thanks! I was worried too. It froze for a bit and I was very close to launching it out the window, but I think because it was a little file we came to an agreement in the end…
        I’m getting it repaired next week so fingers crossed it won’t give so much grief then!
        Great songs, I see what you mean when you say the music is kinda Kate Bush/Tori Amos-esque!

      • Yes just a little bit! With some Sade and Eddie Vedder!

      • LOL OH well I know a lot about making my own monster!

  3. Reblogged this on You've Been Hooked! and commented:
    Jasmine Kyle is not only a kindred spirit and an enthusiastic supporter of this blog, she has a great set of…. pipes on her. (I know what you were thinking. Perverts. My wife reads this blog! Sometimes)

    At any rate, in addition to being a warm and wonderful soul, Jasmine has the voice of an angel and has released a new album. For my money, the tones of Jasmine gargling beat the hell out of anything being produced by the likes of Lady Meat Dress, Miley Twerker, or any of those overrated nut jobs on the market today….

    So check her out, will you? We all know what it feels like to feel uncertain of just what the world will think of the product of your genius, so help a sister out, okay?

  4. Magic…. is just magic…
    Revenge…. oh how hauntingly beautiful…
    What will all the neighbours think…. hairs on the back of my neck (got none on the top of my head) are standing up.. beautiful…
    Jasmine Kyle, I don’t give a damn what the neighbours think.. I’m besotted with your voice… I just think there is no longer a need to hide behind a mask.. time to show that beautiful face that goes with the beautiful voice…. Damn your good… I hope you all the success for the future, and I am pleased to be able to say I knew her when she blogged before she became such a big star…

      • Well we got to get you a download which one do you LOVE?

      • Magic…. no revenge…. no what will the neighbours think.. I love them all and can pop over to soundcloud anytime I want to listen

      • OH NO!! Those compliments get a download!!!

      • Now when is the mask coming off I want to see the face behind the voice…????

      • Why you would want to hide such beauty behind a bubblegum bubble or a face mask .. I cannot fathom… you are as beautiful as your voice…

      • Well THANK YOU! I am still a fat girl but there is just more of me to love!

      • Cuddly is good… I love it… hate these skinny things that look like the need a feed…

      • LOL SO kind to the fat girl! My husband’s happy so that’s important! Some people are pretty mean about weight!

      • and I have downloaded it and can say in the future to all my Grand Kids… “I got this personally from Jasmine… that big star use to talk to me….”

      • What do you mean USED TO!??? I will not NOT talk to you guys! WP folks are like family!

      • I worry that when you get world renowned you will forget us mere plebs here at WP…

      • NEVER!!! Absolutely NEVER! ADORE YOU!

    • You should write reviews professionally! I have to keep this it’s SO generous! I am glad I made the hairs on your neck stand up! Your support has meant SO much to me, thank you for everything!

    • AWH the famous one came by to support me on my big day!!! OMG thank you so much!

      • Haha, famous! That’s rich. I hope you become famous so I can at least say I know a famous person. Sort of. Lol.

      • Oprah’s best friend is Gale she gets all the Oprah connections with out the work!

      • Ok so you have an incredible voice! Love it! Best $9.90 I’ve spent in a long time. Well, the best that wasn’t for beer at least. 😉

      • And I’m less calories! LOL you can listen to me and still drive! LOL The positives keep racking up!

  5. You have a magical voice, Jasmine. Fabulous album. Thanks so much for the free download. Love all the songs, but ‘Revenge’ is my favourite. 🙂 Good luck to you. You’ve really got what it takes. xx

    • Oh that is really kind! Thank you so much for your support you always make it over to my page and you have SO MANY commenters I am always flattered you have the time to visit my little page!

    • And I will get you those songs and that sheet!!!

  6. Congratulations, my dear Jassy. Brilliant. You have such a beautiful and sexy voice! Many many thanks for the free download 🙂

    • Your SO welcome! Thank you again and again for your support! I know your busy and the fact you make it to my blog is SO flattering! All the best!

  7. I’ve listened to a couple of your tune…Magic – oh I really like that. And ‘What will the Neighbors Think’ – gees girl are we related… turn that way back machine on – or maybe it is just something that happens to people and they don’t talk about it until they are in a new town and someone else is ‘hit’ and they are the ones whispering…

    Your voice is Magic pure honey, just magical. I wish you all the best success you could ever want.
    Thank you for providing a few free tunes and the lyrics too. You really did think of everything.

    • I tried to think of everything. I like to be accommodating as you know! I think YOUR Magic!

  8. This is a fantastic and haunting song. It’s truly brilliant. Well done. Adding it to my iTunes so I can listen to it whilst out, and putting it into my “sleep” playlist

    • OOOHHH well you should hear the rest of the album I have a few sleepy time songs! Thanks so much for the compliment it means the WORLD to me!!! If you just search Jasmine Kyle on iTunes you’ll find me!!!

      • Are you sure you want to buy What Will The Neighbors Think?

      • HAHA SO GREAT!!! Thank you SOOOO much! I can’t believe how exciting this all is!

      • I have had a comment on my reblog of it saying that it was being downloaded by soemone

  9. I’m totally in awe, Jasmine! Your readers should be the ones to be flattered… 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing it with us and offering free download. Incredible voice, beautiful song, wonderful piano playing… Congratulations!!! Love to download more later!

  10. I’m sharing in your happiness, Jasmine, and marveling at your talent! WAY TO GO!! Congratulations on getting this project successfully completed — I’m going to look forward to saying, I knew you when!!

    • AAHH YOU KNOW ME NOW!!! LOL I will ALWAYS keep my WP family close! Thanks for your congrats I DID DO IT!!

    • OH Thank you SOOO MUCH!!! I work VERY hard at it! Thank you for appreciating and acknowledging that! I am also SO relieved you like it!

  11. Congratulations! And thank you for the beautiful music!

    I just found this post recommended on anothet blog. I listened in at SoundCloud and it sounded so wonderful that I purchased it on CD-Baby, right away.

      • You are very welcome Jasmine. I am just lisening to the album and am enjoying to dive into the depth of your music.

        Thank you for the invitation to befriend on Facebook. I would be happy to accept it if I wouldn’t need a FB-account for it (not a FB-girl… 😉 ).

        Anyways, I am wishing you many more supporters additionally to those, you surely already have. 😀

      • Well thank you AGAIN AND AGAIN! You have NO idea how much this means to me and my family!

  12. I’ve found you again, Jasmine. Congratulations on your good news. Blessings, dear friend, from Izzy Rose [ex Lizzie Joy]♥

  13. Hooray! Congratulations! I can’t even imagine how proud, jittery, excited, and everything else you are right now. It has to be a great feeling.
    I’ll be visiting iTunes tonight when I get home from work. 😉

    • OH thank you again for listening!! Maybe we should play the album at one of your gallery shows!!!

      • you know, now that you mentioned it, you could sign at the RAW event. Not sure when is the next one, but for sure check it out! It happens all over the state, through out the year. Last time I went, I bought the CD of this girl that was singing. You never know! Here is the link

      • Joining NOW!!! Your right YOU NEVER KNOW!!

  14. Jasmine, Your voice is AMAZING!!! Such great tone and beauty to it. XO You sound a LOT like Celine Dion to me, and perhaps a bit of Sarah Mclachlan? Just stunning.
    I love Revenge! The song, not the act of doing it. 😉 lol The way a thunderstorm is going on in the background is awesome! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!
    Well done, GIRL!

    • Well I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally share it! I can’t wait to see how you like the rest!

  15. Good morning
    The image goes in line with you.
    Blessed be every day.
    I wish you a nice day.
    Sincerely Andrea

    • LOL WHOO HOO!!! I WISH!! You get a free ticket if that’s the case! Back stage passes!!!

  16. I just listened to the tracks and love them all! I am downloading it this morning. You go girl! 🙂

  17. Congratulations Jasmine!!! I can only imagine all the hard work you’ve put into this project.

    Your voice is strong yet gentle, haunting yet embracing. I am so impressed!
    What a lovely gift you have, thank you for sharing it here. Now off to download.

    • Denise thank you SOOO much for your congrats! I did work hard and you know it’s still NOT perfect! I am so glad you want to buy it! Thank you SO much for your support!

      • Jasmine,
        I went to download but alas, I must confess my lack of techno knowledge. I don’t have an MP3 player or the other formats they mentioned. I looked on Amazon for the CD but they don’t have it…how else can I get your music? (for someone old fashioned like me? 🙂 )

      • Well I would suggest iTunes but iTunes is MP3 if you have it just search my name Jasmine Kyle
        OR you can go to my sound cloud account and stream

        Hope this helps! Thanks for being determined!

      • I found the sound cloud link on your blog earlier and enjoyed it so much! I’ve got it playing again – you have such an incredible voice, Jasmine!
        I just got a Kindle…I’m behind in the tech area!! (obviously!) I even looked for you on Pandora! Well, when/if I get an MP3 player, I’ll be sure to add you right away. Until then, streaming it is.

      • Thank you for working SO hard! I’m glad you find it worth it! I’m fairly tec savy but I keep calling my daughters iPod Touch with the iPad… FAIL MOM FAIL!

  18. Definitely something worth celebrating – fireworks & all!
    CONGRATULATIONS & big {Hugs}.
    Hard work & dedication always pays off 🙂

  19. Congratulations and be proud – really likes your songs, and very well written – beautiful voice – tell me what did the neighbors think or say… ? 🙂 😉

    • LOL nothing yet! They have been silent so far but ONE did try to cut me down a bit the other day. I channeled the anger into a new song! LOL I WIN!

  20. Listening to “Magic” at your homepage ight now… fantastic voice and beautiful song! Wish you a wonderful weekend.

  21. I love your sound, Jasmine. Your voice is incredibly beautiful and from what I’ve heard so far, your album is fantastic . Releasing an album must be a bit like giving birth, exhausting but with joyful benefits!

    • It is EXACTLY like giving birth and let me tell you the baby is well but I’m still up nights! LOL (even sleepy I still look good!)

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