It’s FRIDAY!!!

IT’s FRIDAY again here in  America

And what Friday is complete with out me saying:


Jasmine Kyle, I Am  Jasmine Kyle, Jasmine, Singer Songwriter, Musician, Pianist, Tori Amos, Kate Bush, ENYA, Enya, What Will All The Neighbors Think?, Female Musician,

 Penney Fox has been asking me to tell you all what I have been up to so

just in case you don’t care,



Still there?

My sweet husband

let some of his work friend hear a couple of songs and

even though he is in trouble for that,

they LOVED it!


 I got booked for a charity event at Macy’s if your in the Area on the 24!


 It will be the first time REAL HUMANS hear my music LIVE!


It’s either everyone stops and stares at me

or I will be TOTALLY ignored! Or a little of both! 


This show has made me move up ALL of my time lines however

and that’s where you find me today.


I don’t think I realized how much work I still had to do!


I have also been working on my website, the blog and all the little back end things

an independent artist has to do,

Talking about my self A LOT

Just tweaking things…


You know when your filling out forms and your DONE for the day talking about YOURSELF!


OOH another COOL THING,  Frontrange Scribbles  has offered to

place me on his RADIO SHOW!

 Check out some of his great work HERE

I’ll tell you more about all of that later!


  It’s my FIRST radio show!!

The WORST part about all of this is how much I beat my self up!


But I’m much smarter than the immature girl who does those things to her self so


ME better watch out for ME

If you know what I’m saying! 

What are you guys up to this FRIDAY?

!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!


    • Thank you! I go between being terrified to being elated! I LOVE charity events!

    • HEY ROSE!!!! Yes there is ONLY blue skies hopefully! You know you gave me some advise to record my album on my own… I thought about it LONG and hard and decided to go out of house for the recording but wanted you to know I really thought about it! Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to help me!

  1. See … look at that? They wanted to read about what you’ve been doing (I love to be right!!) 🙂
    Oh yeah, the tweaking stuff. I can stuck in that stuff for days unless someone tells me enough, it’s done. Good luck on the live show. I’m sure you’ll ROCK it!!!!

    • I’m telling YOU!!! I have had to WALK AWAY!!!! Then come back and WALK AWAY AGAIN! It’s been so hard to LET GO!! But I’m learning and realizing I am doing ALL of this alone so get done what I can and let the rest go!!! That’s why I have given my self SO much time!
      OK are you ready…. WAIT WAIT… READY


  2. I LOVE your gif posts! 😀
    Gotta love Friday. So excited for you and your concert. If I were in the Wisconsin area I would be thrilled to hear you sing! Tell your husband to send me some songs! 😉

  3. I am so dang proud of you. Hot diggity dog!! A show, and a radio spot!
    When you are in a crowd, focus on one thing…the top of someones head so the crowd will thing you are looking at them. Or like other great artists…close your eyes and get lost in your music!

    Rooting for you from here!!!

    • I’m thinking that’s the route. I hear people who teach choreography saying… DON”T CLOSE YOUR EYES you’ll loose your audience. Then I see THOUSANDS of people NOT look at the audience.. so! I like to do a bit of both! I’m not as nervous about the performance as I am the album release that day it’s up for sale… I’m pretty freaked out! I mean I’m EXCITED like can’t wait to get it out there! I miss you how have you been?

    • SCORES!!! He works at the VA. so you have to have thick skin…

    • I love compliments from you! I know you would NOT give them if you didn’t mean it! 🙂

  4. Both the elation and being terrified will serve you well on your performance! Good luck!

    • I know right! I’m afraid there for I care! LOL

    • Well I am SOOOO honored to be on the BEAUTIFUL ORANGE BLOG! I can’t tell you how sweet that is!
      Singer-songwriter genre bothers me to! I equate it to the analogy they can’t read or write… It would be assumed a person who doesn’t read doesn’t write? (and chicken scratching your name on the X doesn’t make you a writer)
      I have reasoned it this way… some people are AMAZING singers like Whitney Houston they can SING as we all know. But songwriting doesn’t really come easy.
      You get lines like…. I love you… truly…. Or I want to FLY! Or I can FLY or YOU make me FLY (always flight I don’t get it. ) Followed by: And now I cry.
      Some songwriters just write like Diane Warren AN AMAZING pop song writer BUT not a singer. SO people who can do both… are like the tripple threat of the 80’s! Now it’s all about Acting, Dancing, Singing… I just write songs and sing! I can’t wait to share them with you! Hope you had a restful weekend!

  5. I love the fact in the middle of your getting ready for the release of your new CD you are giving your talent to a charity event at a Macy’s! So wonderful of you, also glad that you have so many ways to express yourself. Radio, we will listen, maybe cannot come to the charity event.HOW DID THE 24TH GO?!! Hope for the tunes to make it on the charts. Hope you have a lot of people who will put those on the air!! Yeah! All good things and you are so young, many more opportunities will come soon! Congrats, my dear Jasmine!

    • FROM YOUR LIPS!!!! I love music I have NEVER made it a priority this is my time to grow a pair and JUST DO IT! Thank you for the well wishes I will need them all!

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