The other day I journied to a place called MY READER!
I am SUPER Dyslexic so any LISTS really trip me up.
I saw that I was following 700 blogs!!!
NO WONDER I am always behind! I spend ALL this time suporting people who quite frankly are not very supportive
& ALL of you got cleaned out as well because it’s easier to just keep clicking delete than reading the LIST!
SO if you saw to day my ADD and thought…
NO I had been following I just had to clean house!
Thank you SO much for all of your patience and understanding!

Thanks Again & Again & Again!


  1. Haha, I’ve had to do that too! Well, it’s lovely to know you still want to read my posts, so THANK YOU for re-following! 😀

  2. No worries, dear – pop over if you feel like it.

    I’m still following and reading your posts.

    All good wishes,

  3. Great minds think alike.. I found I was following nearly 350 blogs.. and decide as I had set for “email me immediately” I had a full inbox ever-time I opened my emails… so had to do a bit of clean up myself… so I made a list of all those that comment and like the posts and then went through deleting those that seemed to have no connection with me… the problem is I like to comment and get lots back with 32 000 views I have 10 100 comments, but fortunately it is those that normally comment back… so I hope that I have not deleted anyone special… I do believe we are going to loose the reader this year which will mean a selection of daily weekly or immediate notification in the reader edit section… that could spell trouble for a lot of bloggers… oh well such is life on the great wide world of communication….

    • I had the SAME problem!! And some people were posting like 3 a day and they were SO LONG!!! I couldn’t keep up!!!!
      I usually don’t do things with a motive but one day I was posting on someone’s blog and they liked my blog post and I had never seen the Avatar before!!! I’ve been following her for moths and thought OMG your DOING IT AGAIN!!!! Your putting in all this energy into people who are not reciprocating and you have to start to be smarter!
      I am SOOO NIEVE!!!
      Iowa girls!

  4. Hope I survived the purge. Seven hundred? Wow how do you find that many? I enjoy the penguins. Who doesn’t love a good penguin waking around? Nothing wrong with a little spring cleaning. Hope you have a great Monday. Spring has decided to leave us here tomorrow and we are back to winter. So depressing. 🙂

    • I am on Tumblr! It’s the BEST!!! I am learning to make my own soon so that will be EVEN COOLER!!! Thanks for stopping by It’s SO good to see you!

      And A Fellow ARTIST AND WOMAN!!! NEVER!!!!
      It would be a CRIME not to value your company!

  5. LOL! I had wondered… I wonder too how many I am following, and how many of those I’m letting down because I don’t make it to their section of the blogosphere nearly enough. Perhaps I will clean house too in the coming weeks.

  6. Ah HA! I was wondering too, when you added me on…. but now that I know it’s “again” I feel quite special that you’ve given me the Jasmine Stamp of Approval! That means a lot to me =0)
    Thank you!

  7. 700! Holy moly! I am pretty selective on the blogs I follow so I don’t end up feeling overwhelmed by the amount. I may not always comment, or even catch all your posts, but when I do they usually give me a laugh. 🙂

  8. My goodness! I did wonder haha but I’m honoured to have made the ‘keep’ pile. Thank you for sticking with me 🙂 It can be exhausting wading through so many posts, I try to be picky with which blogs I follow but they’re SO ADDICTIVE!

    • They ARE but some post more than once a day so my inbox was just OVERLOADED!!! I have to budget my time better and my energy!

    • Yeah I was feeling like I was a profesional reviewer!!! I even had someone get upset with me the other day for NOT visiting. I missed 1 week LOL I noticed they NEVER visit me so… I think that’s what kind of spurred it.

  9. 700!!!!!! Holy Cow!! (are cows holy … where did that come from?). ANYWAY – I can not imagine! Good for you for cleaning house. I can see how it happened though .. you exude such energy and people like to see what you are up to … then your return the favor.
    Now to cleaning our real houses!

    • OMG I need toilet bowl cleaner SO BAD If I forget again my toilet is going to get up and walk away!!! FYI Pinterest natural cleaning advise DOES NOT WORK in this case!!! Nor smells as FRESH!

  10. You presented what we all felt/feel and did not voice. Bravo, my courageous, fun Lady! When new posts showed up in my ‘Reader’ and I could not recognize the blog nor was it of any interest to me, I knew house cleaning was in order. After all the cleaning, I still have 300 more to go through. What I did not know before I started blogging but quickly observed is that blogging is an (international) community building activity too. Once you know who is in line with your ‘honest’ interests, you note that you are driven toward and are part of that community. As you mentioned, bloggers who never visit me again, to put it nicely, do so because I do not have material which interests them or they are too busy to be bothered. The best parts of blogging for me are mutual, genuine human relations and blogs which are consistent in providing ‘wow’ factor and smiles to devout followers. You are Sweet and a Joy, Jasmine! 😀 Fae.

    • Fay
      I could have NEVER put that better! I don’t want to say I follow someone so they support me I would hope to have a good healthy back and forth sharing ideas and gaining perspective. I have had so many one sided relationships I just don’t have any more energy for it now.
      I am so glad you responded so elegantly and EVEN more GRATEFUL for your delicious recipes and wisdom I am the lucky one!

  11. I don’t follow 700 blogs, but I did begin to wonder why I hadn’t seen certain follows in awhile . . . . because they haven’t blogged in two, three, four months. So, after my visits, and with that in mind, I will take your lead and delete. And LOL I did notice I had one less follow one day and then one more follow a few days later, but couldn’t figure out who it was! Ta Dah! You! Have a great week!

    • MYSTERY SOLVED!!! Just added you TODAY!!! I had seen some people did stop blogging. I’m AMAZED by how many people just stop with no word. HOWEVER I can understand people have tragedy or other things that stop them.

  12. Glad I made it back, and welcome back. I have been trying a different system, checking the blogs that have commented or liked my posts. Also try and catch some others through the reader.

    • Yeah I am GLAD YOUR happy to be here with me! Yeah I’m trying to be smarter about how I use my time I’m going to be VERY busy in a couple of weeks! Glad to hear I am not the only one!

  13. Jasmine, Thanks for following me again! I also have to do some cleaning up and catch up with a few bloggers.

      • You just have to super selective when following!! I think most of my followers only follow in order to get attention and hope I follow back. I will, but only if I really like them as I read every last post! So I only follow about 40 and there are surprisingly few posts each day, and all dear to me. Quality over quantity. You get less followers that way but I am not here for the numbers. The heart of blogging is feeling happy about creating a post. The rest is icing on the cake. Good idea to dehoard. Can you prevent yourself collecting again?

      • EXACTLY!!! Spot on!
        Well I hope so! I think I am going to take more time developing the relationships I hold SO dear than just thinking everyone is up to the same thing. I’m pretty Nieve!

  14. haha, those penguins are sooo smart,who’d of thunk it! Hey jasmine,its nice to meet you,if you like dogs, please checkout our new youtube video…on my blog 🙂

  15. Yes, 700 is a bit excessive. lol!!
    Thanks for re following me. 🙂
    I don’t know what happens with my lists….Sometimes they turn up in email, sometimes in my reader….sometimes I miss a whole bunch and some blogs are hard to go back to read past posts. Probably my technical NO how.

    • I was getting SWAMPED by SO many posts some people post more than one a day. ( I am not so ambitious) So I would read ALL these posts and then burn out. I never figured out what the problem was! Till the other day! SO there you go!

  16. I have trouble keeping up with the few folks I follow so 700 would be impossible!! Sometimes it’s good to clean house with social media. You find out quickly who is committed and who was a one time fling lol.

    • RIGHT!!! I didn’t think people would just come by and follow to be followed back! What a waste of time! Number’s don’t mean anything PEOPLE DO! I hope you feel like you mean something to this blogger!

      • Yes ma’am I do! I really appreciate your visits and comments so I hope you know I feel the same way! I usually follow folks who reciprocate visiting and comments. Not much point in following folks who just blog to be read and not interact with their readers! Hugs to you and have a great day!

  17. I was wondering about that…But I go about things a tad differently. Which may actually put some knickers in a twist. I’ve actually had some folks ‘drop’ off following me because I don’t ‘follow’ back each and every time. And well some folks don’t pay attention to my ‘No adds’ request. And some folks are actually a bit scary…you know who you are. I’ll live if I get dropped. I know who my friends are. But as you say…ya just can’t follow everybody. I bookmark everything. I’ve got a few different (I learned how, but don’t ask me to explain how) to make separate bookmark lists (which I attempt to alphabetize…when I’ve got time). Sometimes I’ll say “I’ve bookmarked your site so I can come back for a visit”. I really do try to re-visit everyone at least once, who has stopped by my place.

    I don’t have to explain that to my friends who might actually find my daily presence annoying (*giggle*). So there are actually only a few people who I ‘follow’ that way – though I do follow a bunch of ya. I’m just not big on stats. And I’m not trying to make money off of my blog(s). So I figure I can run it/them the way that is comfortable for me.

    You can follow people three ways: via email which will drench your in-box, just follow, which will I guess drench your ‘reader’? Just guessing as I don’t look at the reader all that much. Or book mark sites so you can go back at you leisure – that’s what I do.

    Gee I came here to explain that dusty also reminds me of tumble weeds. I think I’ll go have breakfast now. Hugs.

    • OH have a GREAT breakfast! And I appreciate your comments. I have still to learn to have boundaries and have expectations for people. I have to grow up eventually! hopefully sooner rather than later!

      • Growing up isn’t really the issue. The web is just full of great people. And well it is just hard not to want to befriend everyone. Especially the good ones.

        I don’t worry too much about not following people back who already have a gazillion followers. It’s taken me about two years to get to where I am in that regard. And I am happy for the ‘friends’ that I’ve made.

        OK so I fibbed I visited Mr. Fluffy first…now off to breakfast…

      • Haha. I visit you first because I either you found me or I found you first. I found Mr. Fluffy because of you!

        I have a routine. That is when I get to follow it. You know best plans and all.

  18. How could I not follow you when you put me in the category of Mimi Rogers (lol)?! Have a great week Jas. 🙂

  19. I thought I had lost my mind. Glad I popped over to my reader and read your post. Not sure why your updates don’t come through my email. Will look into that from 1:00 to 2:00, that will be my next break time. It feels good to clean.

    • Your so sweet! I am so glad your clean! My favorite thing is clean sheets! OH I love a fresh sheet if only I were more OCD! I would have clean sheets every night…

  20. Oh I love following your blog! You’re crazy. Zany. Off the wall and off the chain funny. The main reason I follow you is that you’re so unpredictable you make ME feel normal!!

  21. Jeez, Jasmine, I HAD wondered. Oh so glad I made the cut! tee hee. Happier than those penguins. Flap, flap.

  22. It’s a vicious cycle isn’t it? I feel so much pressure to follow someone who’s followed me…then I never see them again. But I have met some wonderful people along the way….including you!!

    Have a great day, Jasmine!


  23. What is it about penguins that’s so cute? Really, they should have a cute warning on them. Or a Fluffy warning, maybe.
    BTW 700 speaks of a mild obsession, so the clear out was a spiffing idea.

  24. I am shocked!! That is a lot of blogs to follow and read! Thanks so much for adding me into your list. I always smile when I see your name, picture or comments! All 3 are special to me, honey!

  25. Oh my gosh, 700 blogs?! You are amazing! I’m so behind on blog stuff right now, and I don’t follow anywhere near that amount. I feel just awful that I don’t keep up any better than I do. Anyway, your subscription (re-subscription) made my day (and your gravatar made me smile – love the bubble-blowing picture :))

    • Yes 700 was like WAY to many and it was clogging my e-mail I couldn’t keep up!
      I was the bubblegum chewing champ in the 4th grade so…. this is me showing off my SKILZ!!

  26. I’m afraid I’ve been one of those not very supportive people, lately – I simply haven’t been able to keep up with it all – and I don’t follow anywhere near 700! My view is – I’m in it for the long haul. So I have to pace myself – and also hope that people will understand over time if I’m not always there, I will be back (here’s me hoping). I also don’t necessarily follow every blog I visit, because I am easily overwhelmed with emails, and I don’t go to my reader much. So instead, I have blogs logged in an Excel spreadsheet so I can keep track of who I’m visiting and when. It’s not perfect, but we have to retain our sanity, too, right? Anyway… Hope you’re keeping well, Jasmine.

    • I have been adopting that same attitude and I have been pretty bad lately also! I am going to be WAY WORSE for a few months while I have LOTS of work I have to finish up. So I am going to be VERY selfish so cleaning up the roster was NECESSARY for sanity!!! I hope you are well to!!!

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