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It’s another DELICIOUS SCRUMPTIOUS FRIDAY and I am working working working this weekend!

Your all so accomplished maybe your climbing K9 or Everest!

Analyzing data from CERN and discovering Higgs Boston particle!

Taking your daughter to a pageant or entering her into a science fair?

What ever you are up to my cleaver reader have an



      • Well…
        musicians are not known for there market research and generating contact lists OH and then there is the search IPO and all the reading on being an Independent artist and what the hell that means these days… where’s the market going and how to be innovative to set your self apart from the rest of the herd!

  1. Well I am so in need of your zany self! Today is crazy. Yesterday was worse
    Tomorrow I’m going to watch my nephew in a ” MUD RUN”. Only in Georgia would you have an off road road race through the mud and swamp for competitive runners.

    • Yes I have heard of these mud runs I lived in Savanna for a year LIFE TIMES ago but I do recall being EXCEEDING PUZZLED by a GIANT Truck COVERED in mud and PROUDLY being paraded round town for a month LOL!!!

      • The most terrifying moment in my life was I was walking home from work on Wilmington Island and these hill billies tried to hit me with there truck.. OR fake like they were going to. Had a BIG OLD CONFEDERATE flag on the bumper I thought LORD PLEASE DON’T LET me die this way.

      • I call those kind of folks something other than rednecks or hillbillies….it’s sunday and I won’t tell you what I call them.

      • LOL It was just some boys looking to play a game. What do you do? ANYWAY IT IS SUNDAY and I hope you are ENJOYING IT!!!

  2. Most of my day today is being spend with the little guy. But as he is cuddling in a blanket and watching some videos…I’m poking my nose in here. Hubby was supposed to be in a golf tourney, but due to cold weather was canceled. So maybe I can give him a Honey Dew list (you know Honey do this and honey do that!).
    Have fun working.

    • OH I am sure if you give him a list he will go golf anyway LOL!!!!
      Oh you have a charmed life! It’s wonderful to hear about your day!

  3. Your picture of the tired girl reminds me of when my youngest son had a melt down in them middle of Sea World. He had had enough and was on thr ground grabbing my ankle while the whole world watched. It soon became time to go. Have a great one!

  4. Tis an amazing weekend, indeed…I think. If I can get over Cabin Fever, that is! Good to stop by your cheerful site.

  5. Thanks for the visits to my posts lately and wonderful, amazing comments. You have a lot of fantastic ideas about our possible activities this weekend. I had fun at the Pinewood Derby races with my 4 and 8 year old grandsons. My daughter is a co-leader of the pack! Who would think girls could do that these days? Hahaha! Hope you get a little fun this weekend yourself! Wish I could hear you sing and cannot wait till I do!

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