1. I know what you mean. I didn’t get a flu shot this year because I thought I could use the down time. then I ended up with strep throat which wasn’t part of the plan.

    • THANKS BTG!!!!! YOUR THE BEST!!! you always come by and I dont get over to your blog as often as I’d like. Your a really good person thank you for your support I REALLY appreciate it!

    • ROSY ROSY thanks SO much for stopping by!!! I AM feeling better thanks to rest and well wishes!!! Thank you so much for being patient with me!

  2. It appears I’ve missed your entire sick period.
    I’m glad you’re feeling better, though!

  3. Dang gal we need to get together for tea and HUGS!!!
    There is this one home sales company that encourages you to when you wake up in the morning – To look at yourself in the mirror and say something like: “I am great! I am good! I can and I will” five times in a row, louder and louder because we are ‘beautiful’ and ‘Yes we can!” -While I’m not into make-up – I do think it is good for our make up (ha ha) to be as positive as we can. I think that is easier for me to manage than another go-get-’em site that recommends you make your bed every morning and get fully dress with shoes. Nope bed is not made and I’m wearing my slippers! But hugs and cheers – they make me smile.

    Hugs, hugs and more huggies!!!

    • AWH I HATE MIRROR WORK!!! I am always VERY happy in the morning! It used to drive my mother NUTS!!! I am a CHIPPER BIRDIE!!! CAN’T STOP THAT!!! But self hug is IN NEED!!!! Stay at home mommy right now I DO get RIGHT up in the morning and get dressed. I call it my uniform. NOT today though I have sweat pants on 😦 bad girl!!!

      • No…No! not a bad girl at all – just a different gal this morning. Stay at home Mommy is an elite and wonderful, unsung profession!!!! So don’t look in the mirror – hug yourself as you chirp!!!

      • LOL!!! CHURP CHURP!!!
        I will not be stay at home much longer so I AM TRYING TO ENJOY IT!!!!!!!!
        My kids LOVE it and so does my husband so it’s good they are happy. . . but they know mommy wants to work.
        I’d hate for my kids to be sent over to a sitter’s house that treated them terribly!
        Your children are very lucky your there for them!

      • I didn’t stay home all the time. I worked some evenings and weekends. Hubby stayed home then. I think I only was really ‘off’ for a few years. I’ve worked full time but mostly part-time most of my life. This last year I was ‘semi-retired’ because I’ve been available for my grandson.

        You need to be happy. I’ve have known a few moms who were only ‘off’ six or eight weeks and then went back to work full time – so the children were in day care full time until school time. Everyone needs to do what is best for their own family.

        Hopefully when you do go back to work you can still find a few moments to let us all know how you are doing! 🙂

      • I had some of the WORST experiences with babysitters. I even had one baby sitter take a 1 year old and through them in a toy chest. HORRIFIC things I’ve seen AND I was molested by a relative who watched us when I was 5 so I don’t trust ANYONE with my children ANYONE!
        I am glad others are having a better go at it than I did.

      • There really are some certified, qualified and very reliable caregivers. I hope when the time comes you are able to find what you need. Before ‘it’ became a label that had/has negative connotations – I was a latch-key kid.
        My sister and I had the responsibility to get home, do our homework and start dinner.

      • I did all that to after the toy box incident. My brother wouldn’t go back in there so mom put me in charge… It was a nightmare. We went to every kind of daycare and the one I thought was the best the man that ran it got charged with child porn so… NO no sitters for me… Maybe if YOUR available!!! LOL My money is green! LOL

      • I guess my grandson is lucky to have grama, grampa, nana, pop-pop and his god parents in the area!

        Eek. There really are good folks around. But I agree it is tough when you don’t have family in town. When our children were younger and we didn’t have relatives around it was tough finding sitters. We managed sometimes though.

        Guess you are going to have to build a recording studio in your home for when you go back to work!

      • Oh, I work in the evenings and he works in the day time! It works out great! I will probably never be good enough to own my own studio but thanks for thinking of the best for me.
        I have survived multiple types of abuse and I have not just been burned I am CHARRED. I had stomach surgery when I was just 19 years old because of the stress. It’s all been to much.
        I appreciate you trying to encourage me to trust people and I do but not alone with my kids.
        Just last year my daughter’s teacher was tossed out of school for having an affair with a student she was 14! TONS of girls on my old basketball team came out and said they were fondled by our coaches… I just CAN’T! I hope you understand not everyone comes from a beautiful place. My brother and I were only safe after I started watching us. I hope you understand me a bit better now that I have explained a bit more instead of saying OH NO NO NO LOL!!!

      • Oh, It wasn’t always a bed of roses on my end. So I can understand. When my boys were in High School a beloved guy instructor was ousted for ‘fondling’ boys. And that was only about 15-20 years ago. And a Pastor who ate at my table was ousted for offenses to his congregant students. My beautiful place really only evolved after I was married. And then I still had issues with my dys’fun’ctional family. Some of those are on going. But at least they live out of state.

        So you need to do what is best for you to find your happier place. It looks like you are working it out. Keep at it and keep working on your music!

  4. Glad you’re feeling better! I agree you should not get any more sickness until 2014! =)

    • Oh I’m glad you approve of y statement LOL!!! I know other people out there are like REALLY sick… So I feel a bit selfish wishing my self health when others have REAL problems!

  5. Dearest Sick Jasmine, I am glad you are feeling better. In which case I should not have addressed you as sick. Dearest Recovering Jasmine, so glad you are better and feeling WAY loved!

    • OH I AM SO SPOILED!!! And by strangers!!! As the tv machine reports people are SO MEAN to each other I am HAPPY to contradict that report!!!

  6. I’m glad you’re all better. Sinus infections are horrible…I’d get yourself some multi vitamins and all that jazz so the bugger can’t come back!! 😀

    • OMG I HATE my sinus!!! I’m still congested but it’s not PAINFUL!!! Just waring me out. I need to rest like for real like 2 weeks vaca somewhere warm LOL!!!

  7. What a lovely boquet! I’ve had sinus infections before and it’s soooo awful! Debiliatating. Glad you are feeling better and back at it.

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