I hope you had a WONDERFUL weekend and you are RESTING your Sunday AWAY!!!


    I have been suffering from a NAGGING sinus infection so if I have not been by your blog that is why. I apologize I hope I will feel better next week… Thanks so much for your patience ~ Jasmine


    • Thanks your RIGHT THEY ARE NOT FUN!!! It’s just hard to concentrate for to long. Just as one unclogs the other clogs… it’s been 4 days of heating pads on my face! Thanks for the hug I need it!

  1. Breathing is so over-rated. But it is better than the alternative.

    Why, why can’t they ‘both’ work at the same time all of the time?
    Sometimes I use an Ice Pack. I figure if I freeze ‘it’ – I might be able to get it the heck out of my head. I really dislike that burning drip. And trying to sleep is a royal pain – because it only seems worse when you lie down.

    Feel better. I think I have to attempt disinfecting a few things today. And more tea and chicken soup. I think gargling with salt water is supposed to help too.

    • Thanks Jules I will try the salt gargle! I use a heating pad it really opens it back up but as soon as I take it away i’m back to plugs ville!
      It only gets A LITTLE bit better each day my DR. Says just wait it out. So this is me waiting.
      . . . . . . ………. uggggg!!!

  2. “Do not let sunday be taken from you – if your soul has no sunday, it becomes an orphan”
    (Albert Schweitzer) 🙂 😉

    • I know and I get great persian dishes out of it!!! TRUST me I am on the winning end of the deal!!!
      I get so congested during the day I can barely lift my head. And it’s only getting like 5% better! It’s SO annoying!!!

  3. You are such a character. I was reading through the comments already here. What a gift you are to so many people, just eating crazy pizza and living life in Wisconsin. I think that the ability to make someone else’s day just by saying hello is one of he greatest gifts in life, you have it Jasmine. Feel better soon. 🙂

    • OH John I am overly flattered once again by your GRACIOUS comments.
      I’m all flustered now I don’t know how to respond.
      Wisconsin folks DO like cheese so pizza and cheese curds are a local favorite so I’m in good company!
      I hope I make people smile I am an entertainer it would be bad if people were not entertained LOL…
      I hope to feel better to. It’s so nice to meet a man who is happy and positive!
      Have a wonderful weekend and may the prize patrol come to your door!!! 🙂

      • How come there is no music on your blog? I mean it says you are a musician, I was wondering why no music posts? Seems a great entertainer like yourself would have a bunch of them. Then all of the people who are entertained share them with others, then you go viral, become a big star, get rich, and eat cheese pizza all day long. Seems fool proof to me. 🙂

        No I switched genreas so I am trying to find other singers for my old songs and I will be in the studio in April to start my new album. I started blogging and stuff so people have a body of work to read about me and to also show that I am not just starting a blog and website to push product. I just want to support others for awhile and get my music PERECT for it’s release! I think SO many musicians who are independent are ALL about THEMSELVES I would like to stay away from that. I woud HATE for people to think I am only here for my self. I like community! Hope that helps I’ll be blogging about my work soon. What are you up to?

      • Singing. No I only sing in the car, I am awesome there. I am writing and working independently. I kind of accidentally got into this blogging thing and now I am addicted. My dream is to travel the country and do a video blog about all of the things I see and experience everything places have to offer. Not just big cities but smaller communities that nobody gets to see. Until my dream comes true, I do some social media work, graphic design, and writing. That is why I am always around a computer during the day, and can’t stop myself from reading other people’s great blogs and find people interesting learning experiences. What type of music do you sing, can you hear it anyplace? Is it on YouTube? That is a lot of questions. I have a gift for listening to a song and telling if it will be popular or not. I am never wrong. Ever. Well once I thought I was wrong, but I was mistaken. 🙂 Just curious. I don’t think it is all about yourself to share your talent. In fact if you are truly just sharing your talent and that is the purpose, then it isn’t about you at all. As I have said before you brighten up people’s day just by being you, that is a great talent. I can tell there are great things ahead of you.

      • Oh your TO sweet!! LOL I will get music to you when it’s finished! I PROMISE!!!
        I would categorize my music as a Kate Bush Tori Amos kind of music so if you like that You’ll like me LOL!!!
        I was performing round town trying out my new style and instrument on audiences. It was SO well received we decided to put FULL stop to what I was doing and focus on this new style.
        I don’t put my old stuff up so I don’t confuse people to what I am doing now.
        Cross Country visiting things sounds AWESOME!!! I can’t wait to read it!
        I’m not addicted to blogging I’m addicted to having interactions with people. That’s why this WINTER SICKNESS that has been PLAGUING ME has been SUCH a pain in the ass… I miss all the blogs and opinions.
        Soon I will not really be on as much either because I am doing my music video and gearing up for studio work. I think it will take me 2 month’s to finish up my album and get everything else done. I have SO much to do I am SO excited!!!
        Keep me posted and I’ll keep you posted!!!!
        I have to go lay down now this bug is really kicking my butt!

      • I am sure you will be great. Look forward to be able to say, I knew her when she was “just” a blogger.

      • I’m sure that will not ever be the case!!! if I make as much as a TEACHER I will feel like I am successful!!! LOL 😉

    • We got ours DONE thank GOD!!! last year someone stole my husband’s identity and it was a NIGHT MARE!!! We were all clear this year.

  4. Now, if you break out with “Manic Monday” tomorrow after today’s title, I will know you are a closet “Bangles” fan. Have a great rest of your day. BTG

    • Well I am glad to be ALMOST OVER IT…. Hopefully by the middle of the week I can wake up and not feel my heart beat in my face!!! LOL

  5. Feel better soon, Jasmine — sinus infections are NO fun! And the antibiotics they give you aren’t either.

  6. I think it’s the time of year. I can always tell when the weather’s about to change (either for better or worse) when the front of my face threatens to detach itself from my head.
    Get well soon. Fluffy sends his best regards…….

  7. Get well soon! (Which you already have, I know…)
    By the way, that picture messed with my head! I wonder if anyone else noticed the TV screen? What a cool Easter Egg….

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