An Eating Cleanse Means…


Jasmine Kyle, Singer Songwriter, Jasmine


Jasmine Kyle, Singer Songwriter, Jasmine


Jasmine Kyle, Singer Songwriter, Jasmine

I don’t really care what kind it is!

Jasmine Kyle, Singer Songwriter, Jasmine

BUT home made is the BEST

Jasmine Kyle, Singer Songwriter, Jasmine

These are SOME of my FAVORITES!

Jasmine Kyle, Singer Songwriter, Jasmine

How do YOU like your pizza DUDE?

Jasmine Kyle, Singer Songwriter, Jasmine

OH yeah there ARE links! AND I’ve made EVERY ONE of these pizzas and have bestowed my seal of approval upon them!

Jasmine Kyle, Singer Songwriter, Jasmine

Strive for progress not perfection! 

P.S.     OH AND a link to where the smoothies and soups part of my DETOX Cleanse ( in which you can EAT FOOD NOT FAST) are linked at the word PIZZA at the beginning of this post!!! I love this cleanse and I am on week 2! I feel great and LOOK very healthy!


  1. These pizzas look too healthy for me LOL – meat, cheese and grease here. I don’t eat pizza much anymore because it just doesn’t keep me satisfied and a lot of empty calories. As a carb addict the more protein the better otherwise I’m on the blood sugar rollercoaster all day.

    • DAFFY!!! I MISS YOU where have you been? I LOVES pizza I wish I didn’t I am however enthusiastic about kale but PIZZA even the word makes me salivate. What is your favorite kind?

      • It is divided into 4 quarters – one with marinated beef strips, green peppers and fried egg – one with tuna, shrimp and corn – one with bolognaise, dried Spanish sausage in thin slices and tomato pulp cut into thin strips – one with skinkestrinler with pineapple chunks… 🙂

        Maybe I have forgot some of the ingrediens… 🙂

  2. Too much of anything ‘t’aint good for you. Figs on pizza? I guess I’m a purist there…I like thin crust east coast style…But anymore I can only eat two slices at a time. Soft cheeses don’t like me.
    But anything in moderation. I don’t think I’ve ever done a real fast or cleanse. Good luck with that.

    I’ll have to check out linky-dinks later…I’ve got to run some errands now.
    And thanks for stopping by my place. Glad I can make you smile.
    I agree about that ‘calling’ bit. Money might be nice, but I write because it makes me happy. And I’m just lucky when someone else likes something – that’s all the real payment I need. Wonder if I’d feel that way if I needed to pay bills? But at least for now I’m lucky … Lucky too to have great friends like You!

    • I never thought I would like these WEIRD pizzas but they are SOOOO amazing.
      I can’t believe I am on week 2 of this cleanse but I don’t think I could do it if I had not gotten to eat with it.
      I will eat cheese even if it makes me violently ill. I have such a craving for it. It’s sickening really!
      Depends on how you define success… If I can make as much as a teacher as a singer I will feel like I am a success!
      And it show’s how little you think of your self that you are commenting on your post here rather than on your blog where you could get the comment numbers up! You truly are a wonderful person.

  3. I haven’t had pizza in SO LONG! I would love some pizza after looking at those wonderful photos! I could do a cleanse with pizza and smoothies. That would be my sort of cleanse.

  4. Although I’m sure my body would benefit, I don’t think I would survive a detox cleanse! The thought of it, along with the pics of these scrumptious looking pizzas, make me hungry. My favorite? I’m a traditional New York cheese pizza girl!

    • OOH good ol CHEESE!! MMM
      It’s a cleanse where you get to EAT real FOOD! I LOVE IT!!! But I TOTALLY get not being in the mood! I’ve not been in the mood for like 10 years!!!

      • I’m going to check out your link. I could use a little life booster….although, I always thought pizza would give the same results…

      • Well pizza supplies the EMOTIONAL response but not physical! Less you look like me and I KNOW you don’t want this huge giant thing following me round called an ass! LOL
        If you want to just eat healthier I HIGHLY recommend it. I can’t believe I am on week 2! It’s AMAZING! I’ve TRULY NEVER been able to stick to ANY diet in my LIFE!!! Except Pizza and Burgers LOL!!!

  5. I could eat pizza 3 times a day and be happy as a bird with a french fry!!! 😉 I like hawaiian pizza best but I also LOVE barbeque pizza, potato pizza, and the list goes on!!!!!! Mmm, now I want pizza. 😀

      • Potato pizza has a sour cream base sauce, sliced/cooked potato slices, and cheese!!! So good. 🙂 You can also add green onion and bacon crumbles.

      • I must FIND this potato pizza and CONSUME it’s goodness to for my own LIFE FORCE…. Oh gosh excuse me!! I get so excited!

  6. No chance for a detox cleanse right now, but way to go. It must be difficult to maintain your will power. Besides now being hungry from looking at all of that pizza I got a nice little message out of this “strive for progress, not perfection.” Sounds like good advice Jasmine! Thanks for the entertainment.

    • Well you know I LOVE to entertain! The cleanse is one where you can eat! The food has been SO delicious and satisfying BUT i just STILL miss my PIZZA!!! One more week to go after this and I can have some home made pizza. I am a pretty healthy cook but I have fallen into some lazy habits I am EAGER to brake them!
      SO the QUESTION is SIR,
      How do you like your pizza?

      • I am a traditional person so I like traditional pizza. With just pepperoni on it, Or normal veggies, I don’t like pineapple or anything crazy on it. Although many of your pizza creations look tempting, I am too traditional for that. Much like Popeye, I am, what I am. (Popeye was a cartoon character in the “old days”)

      • I used to think ONLY the TRADITIONALS for me. Then one week I got the notion that I was going to learn how to make pizza dough and we were going to have a WEEK of pizza!
        I tried SO many new recpies… I suggest to you to try the shrimp and pesto and something with pear. I was SO surprised on how good grilled pizza with pear is DELICIOUS! I think you will delight in all the options you can find that suit you better than pepperoni. If I can do it (the Iowa girl who didn’t get to experience ANYTHING new or different) it will be a BREEZE for you!
        OH have a great day at work!

      • Thanks I will keep that in mind. I am all about stretching my experience. So I am putting “crazy” pizza on my list. No offense meant to the mentally impaired or pizza makers of any kind. 🙂
        Remember, I am from Maine where the internet is still a “new fangled Idea.”

      • CRAZY PIZZA IS THE BEST KIND!!! I only get offended when people call me oreo! LOL SO your COOL! I PROMISE!!!
        Give it a WHIRL and let me know if your happy!

      • No… I’ve thought of joining Pinterest, but gosh I’m already on so many networks and social media channels!

      • Yeah I feel that way ALL THE TIME!!! But I am SO in love with my boards. It’s like having that WISE old grandmother you ALWAYS wanted. thank knew EVERYTHING!
        I usually bring in my pinterest boards to my blog here to just express my self or get out ideas. I also LOVE providing links. I think it’s a TRAGEDY when you see a beautiful recipe and NO LINK!!! It also supports those bloggers and there websites.
        It’s a circle of BLOGGING and it moves us ALL!!!! LOL Little Lion King there for you!!!

      • Hahah, okay, you’ve sufficiently piqued my interest. Yeah I will have to try it out soon. Got the lion king reference too 😉

  7. These pizzas look wonderful, great pics as usual Jasmine. I’m not a pizza lover, but these could make me want to try one 🙂

  8. Man those look good!! I love a white spinach pizza and a greek salad. Listen if I give you my address how about hooking me up with a couple of those pies?!!

  9. My favorite pizza is a pesto and shrimp pizza or a sausage pizza that my wife makes…

  10. Sigh, it looks delish-icious! I am at the moment in a restaurant eating a low cal tilapa meal but with a white russian. My mate and i own, and i do this cleanse wheny body feels the need for it. I will be checking your link out as i want to do a cleanse but without fasting.:)

    • OH MY GOD you MUST try this. I am CONSTANTLY surprised by this diet! If you would like to get the BEST view of the diet get this month’s or last month’s issue. It has extra recipes not on the website. The first week was hard but NOT as hard as the JUICE FAST!!! I only lasted a DAY!!!
      I HIGHLY suggest it I have only stuck with the real age diet this long and it is A LOT more intense than this one!
      I hope you LOVE it as much as I DO!

      • Jasmine, Just checked the link and I like the idea of soups and smoothies, as I love smoothies and drink them often but I know I would have trouble with the taste of some of the soup veggies, wonder if I can substitute the ingredients… I have a book on low cal soups, I will check that out. I am going to do this diet as I need a cleanse and to lose 12 pounds. Thanks for the link and recommendation. Will let you know how it goes!

      • Sure… I think you can add as much or as little as you like! 🙂 I find my self substituting because there is just SOOO MUCH FOOD!!!
        I’ll keep you guys up to date on how it’s going for me too! I am in HEAVEN this second week we had quiona and roasted veg with this green sauce I DIE it was SOOOO good if you want the recipe I’ll send it to you because there are recipes in the MAG that are NOT online!
        Anyway happy eating cleanse!!!! My skin is glowing I look AMAZING!!!

  11. Oh boy! Too much out there for me to successfully do a detox. You will have to keep us posted on your detox happenings. Good luck!

  12. Sorry, struggling a bit here. One, I can’t remember the last time I ate pizza. Certainly not in the past five years. Two. What in tarnation is a food cleanse? Pardon my ignorance.

    • Well a cleanse is when you don’t eat (Fasting) to give your body a rest and to clean out toxins. You drink water mixed with
      organic maple syrup cayenne pepper and lemon. Some fast for a few days some WEEKS! I CAN’T fast… I just can’t I can only go a day. SO the FOOD cleanse is 3 weeks long where you eat only foods that will assist in pulling out toxins in your body and it also gets you on the path to eating more whole foods that over all are REALLY healthy!
      You should give it a try!

      • I don’t think so, thanks all the same. My body’s pretty good at eliminating toxins. It does it every day.
        Fasting? Not something I need ior intend to do. As you may have noticed I have a sporadic eating disorder where I can go 4 or 5 days without being able to think of anything at all I want to eat. Probably not wise to encourage myself.

        BTW cayenne is actually pretty toxic…..

      • You went there……. I went there…….
        !!!!ON GUARD!!!!
        Fluffy don’t be mad you know I ADORE you LOL!!! SMILE OR sorry Don’t smile…. Get GOOD and Codger-ey!

      • Bloody hell Jasmine you never fail to cheer me up. I always laugh at your comments.
        Adore me? Wow!
        I think you’re pretty cool too.

      • Well it’s always good to have ALLIE’S!!! Even if one is Oscar The Grouch!!! I meen that in a GOOD way!!!

      • Eric? I thought it was Bruce Banner who said ‘Don’t make me angry. You don’t want to see me angry.’
        So Eric? Jeepers, bad name. Bad bad name.

      • Maybe it is LOL I though Eric Bana but it was the actor’s name not the characters… Did I ever tell you I’m dyslexic… I do stupid stuff like that all the time… I think BRUCE is WAY worse then ERIC….

      • I wouldn’t want to be saddled with either to be honest.
        I think you’re right, it was Eric thingy who played the Hulk.
        I’m not dyslexic, I just type as if I am….

      • Yeah and then the one Ang Le did .. The WORSE ONE!! I am glad you forgot I wish I could It was the WORST MOVIE EVER!!

  13. You are VERY brave. I have yet to successfully give up pizza. I am very clever and sneaking it in, not matter what diet/cleanse/mean trainer I am using. Good luck!!

    • LOL AND THAT”S why I say YOUR my friend LOL!!! ONLY a DIE HARD would!!!
      I’m pretty fat so I need a pizza brake. After I get my diet together and stop craving BAD stuff for me and get my cooking back in line with a healthy diet. I’m SICK of being fat!!!

  14. One of my favorite pizzas ever was one that California Pizza Kitchen used to have on it’s menu. They haven’t had it in a long time so I don’t remember exactly what was on it – but the main topping was potato wedges – sounds weird, tastes delicious.

  15. Love your choices of pizza!Many of these can be found in Rome (and the margherita of course from the first pic is synonymous with Napoli) – love the variety and anytime is a good time in my world for pizza (although in moderation). Great post!

  16. Jasmine, you have a ton of comments and I am so happy to read their enthusiasm! Pizza! Yummy! I like the way pepperonis turn up and crisp up, I like the way banana peppers smell, I like that garlic dipping or marinara sauce that some pizza franchises give out, but there is an unusual one at California Pizza Kitchen (here at Polaris or Easton centers)that has glazed onions, pears, goat cheese and mozzarella and is served with a spring salad floating in the center with a ranch type dressing. Cannot help but love that one!

      • My daughter is on a three day cleanse she found on Dr. Oz’s blog or website. Anyway, she has been cheating!! She has a jar of almond butter (I love peanut butter, but don’t dare start that almond taste bud or I will be spending too much money on a little jar!) She has been dipping into it, not looking at the calories! Today, third day, she gained 4 lbs.! I did go through a 2 year, lost almost 40 pounds after my divorce. It was a lot of cortisol due to stress. There are certain ages it is hard to lose, that was menopause. Anyway, good luck with the cleanse! And find something you love to taste that is low in calories and focus on it! Mine was celery (no carbs unlike carrots) and lite blue cheese dressing. Chewing a lot helps!

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