Ol Mc Jasmine

Want’s A Farm

And this is what WE’LL do…

Have lots of tastings just for you!

So your a lot more educated when you choose…

Heirloom Tomato Tasting?

Jasmine Kyle, Singer Songwriter, Jasmine

Chocolate & Wine Paring?

Jasmine Kyle, Singer Songwriter, Jasmine

Or Scotch & Chocolate

Jasmine Kyle, Singer Songwriter, Jasmine


Jasmine Kyle, Singer Songwriter, Jasmine

Ok How About CHEESE!!!

Jasmine Kyle, Singer Songwriter, Jasmine

(lisa adams photography)

Craft BEER???

Jasmine Kyle, Singer Songwriter, Jasmine

Maybe Some Tea?

Jasmine Kyle, Singer Songwriter, Jasmine

I Would LOVE Sell Flowering Teas!

Would you like to do ONE or all of these tastings???!!!




  1. OOOh….I saw a cooking show once where a guy grew heirloom tomatoes on the roof top to use in his restaurant – made a salad out of nothing but the tomatoes and a light drizzle of oil and maybe a dash of spice……
    So many tasties…Yum. Now I think I’m going to have to look up ‘Flowering teas’ – they look like they would be a really unique gift. And cheese, wine and chocolate…all good combos!!!
    And figs too fruit of the gods (so I’ve heard).

    There you go ma’am…

  2. Great pictures. They are distracting me from doing ‘work’, I would much rather eat cheese than do work. Thank you for sharing today. Hope you get your farm, ol’ McJasmine!!

    • Thanks for stopping by during your BUSY MONDAY!!! maybe I should say MANIC! Cheese tasting it IS!! I don’t know if YOU know but I live in Wisconsin and it would be SOOO cool to have local cheese featured!

  3. Hold the chocolate; I really don’t like it. Cheese? Oh yes please.
    And you can’t taste beer out of anything small.
    Tea’s made with tea not flowers.
    But I’m sure i’ll find some way to pig out.

  4. 😦 Your blog must have been hungry …it ate my comment from this morning.
    That’s OK, a nice cup of blooming tea might just ease things 🙂

    • LOL there is a lady in Madison who pairs wine with chocolate. Everyone says it’s DIVINE!!! I’m willing to give it a go for DIVINE!
      And thanks for stopping by and tasting with me!

  5. I’d go for the tomatoes and the cheese. Gorgeous….Has your doggie forgiven you for the bubble bath yet???? 🙂

  6. Ooh I loved that, and I got the free soundtrack in my head to go with it McJasmine! Plus I remembered I just bought some figs for the first time in ages. Skip the blue cheese, I’ll have it naked.

  7. Great selection of photos, Jasmine. I would choose the cheese and the chocolates minus the scotch. Have a lovely day.

  8. The flowering teas are beautiful, but I’d have to go with the tomatoes, the scotch, and the chocolates and cheeses (interesting combination. They call it testing for a reason!)

  9. Another delightfully fun post! Thanks for the tantalizing temptations… but as I am enjoying a healthier lifestyle, I am definitely ALL over those heirloom tomatoes! Yum 🙂

    • ok in all honesty I want to add: a healthier lifestyle ‘than I used to’ when I would have said Yes, Yes, and Yes please to all of these! Wine, Brandy, chocolate, cheese, and microbrewed craft beer? Yes please! 😉 My tummy went on a revolt and now I’d choose the tomatoes, and the tea of course. Hugs! xo ~Gina

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