It’s FRIDAY!!!!!

    Will YOU be digging out TOO???-1

All this snow and Milwaukee sill didn’t SHUT DOWN!!!

If it’s not spring

at least it’s snowing and looks pretty!!!


  1. Looks so nice and pretty. It’s in the 70s here in San Antonio and sunny. Too warm for this time of the year. It’s rodeo time. It should be colder.

  2. Ha, ha you need to read my post today. It is called Snow Day! Too bad Milwaukee isn’t as whimpy as Maine. It’s all shut down here. People are panicking, there is mayhem in the streets. Oh, no it is just February and this happens every year. Thanks for the image that looks eerily like what is happening out the window right now! Have a snowy happy day.

    • OH I am going to read SNOW DAY right NOW!!! People here are totally NOT freaking out! I love WISCONSIN! SNOMAGEDDON is COMING!!!!
      Hope you got your warm clothes lots of junk food and wood for a fire!!!

    • It’s the same way a little south of you Jon. I’m in MA and you would think we never had snow before. I swear we have raised a whole new generation of whimpy people. I need to go read Snow Day now

  3. Well, it’s raining in NC. It was raining yesterday too and I was out in the yard raking up twigs. It was fun! 😀

    In Milwaukee is it really raining or just “spitting”?

  4. No show here yet…we might get the ‘tail end’ closer to the evening and around 7pm. But we have started some rain, which may freeze – so I’m back at my Son’s for the day.

    Stay warm and safe!

  5. What a chilling pic…
    I didn’t bother digging out; the family is staying in and I walk to work, so I was good. But we’ll see what happens when I get home tonight…

  6. LOL One of my dearest friends lives on the sand in Playa Del Rey so we do hang in Santa Monica every so often 🙂
    I’m in San Dimas near Raging Waters – and you were in Montecito??? Holy cow – I grew up in Santa Barbara for the first 25 years. Mom and Dad still live there =0)

  7. It’s cloudy here in Oregon with probably some rain later today. I miss snow which we had when I lived in the East Coast. Happy Friday! 🙂

  8. After a week of trying to predict what we may or may not get from the storm, what we got was a typical gray and cold Ohio day with a snow/rain slush. No digging here but rain boots a must! And hold on . . . maybe another inch or two by morning.

  9. haha, nope. i’ve been staying in all day and will continue to stay in all night!! =P

  10. Just had so much fun catching up with your posts. Especially liked the best friend, not best friend any longer post. Hmm, a one way street? How do you manage to pull together so many different visual images and clips and writing? A great Saturday treat, thanks! Amanda

    • HEY GIRL!!! Thanks for stopping by! Your SO busy with your writing and studio! GUYS AMANDA has an ARTICLE in AMERICAN magazine!!! Your a REAL writer not like me!!!:) I blog on Tumblr and Pinterest. Are you on Pinterest OR Tumblr?

  11. I spent the last seven days in the north Georgia mountains. It snowed the week before I got there and will probably snow this week darn it.

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