Latin: hearth, fireplace; fire, flame; central point, center


I love being hypnotized by a fire. Be it day or night if I glimpse it out of the corner of my eye I am enchanted and drawn to the lapping of the flames and the crackling of the wood. I want a fire place in every room of my home one day. Even one in the kitchen, and when you come by you’ll smell a home made soup brewing in a caldron and fresh bread. Simple small thing that seems to me to be one of the most luxurious things. Better than a private jet, an exotic vacation. Just a simple bowl of soup with a good friend. Thank you for stopping by my little blog. You are much valued by me!


  1. I agree with you completely. I envy people of olden days who had a fireplace in every room for heat. Obviously the lack of proper plumbing lessens my envy but doesn’t completely destroy my envy. Imagine having a fireplace in your bathroom. 🙂

    • OH I didn’t think about that! A high one so when your laying in your tub you can watch the fire!!! OH What a great vision you’ve just inspired! That’s going on the list of stuff for the dream house. Thank you!

  2. Couldnt agree more, there is something just soothing and theraputic about fires. Im the same around calm waters with stunning scenery aswell. Lakes are a prime example.
    You have to love the little things!

    • Well thank you for admiring them. I think some people put to much on things that have a price tag. Spend most of there lives spending. I just read a poem and a line that really stuck out to me was “There are souls more sick of pleasure than you are sick of pain;”
      So true. It’s a rare world we live in to appreciate a unpolished jewel. Thank you for sharing and visiting I hope you visit again!

  3. i wish we had a fire place in the house…my uncle had a farm and they had one in the kitchen where they cooked…sitting there, watching my aunt cook, the scents, the fire…was heaven on earth for me when i was a kid

    • Oh what a wonderful memory it’s one of my silly dreams. I can’t wait for when my wants and the world align… Thanks so much for visiting my site AND leaving a comment! Your very kind.

  4. Man, that’s gorgeous. I haven’t enjoyed a fireplace since I had my first child. Too scary! We have one, though. Never used.

  5. Hi Jasmine.
    Sincere Thanks for stopping over my blog. What a fun blog you have and yay, lots of photos!
    We don’t have a fireplace but, I cut around that lack by burning candles when the days get shorter. Fire warms the body and the soul too, bringing hope and joy.


  6. You would like our woodstove, then, Jasmine. What do you DO to get your fire to crackle and glow on WordPress??? Are you a genie?

  7. I can atest to your very wish… having lived on a farm for 5 years, we had a coal stove in the kitchen where my wife always had a fire going and a bread in the oven or some like meal… those aromas I will never forget in my life… there is nothing like fresh bread out of a coal stove accompanied by its aroma, fresh farm butter and home made jam… now I’m getting all nostalgic … good bye.. you will get me longing for those difficult days again…

    • OMG you have sprinkled magic on my imagination and now I MUST have one! I think I should through a party and invite you… now I must make my fortune so I can afford the house! LOL

  8. I live in a tropical country so a fireplace would not do me any good but seeing a virtual fireplace will suffice for now. Happy Sunday to you and your family. Best, Jenny

  9. Love that you called this post ‘Focus’, because that is so much what its like when you’re in front of the fire. It’s completely mesmerising 🙂

    • Well thank you for the compliment and THANK YOU for stopping by! I can’t take credit for it. I heard the latin meaning of the word focus a few month’s ago. For some reason I think about it all the time.

    • YOUR TO SWEET!!! Thank you so much for visiting my little part of the world! I can’t wait to read up about the farm! It’s going to be so exciting. Please take lots of pictures!!!

  10. I like to watch fires, too. Nothing is as soothing as a nice fire when the weather is cool. We don’t have a fireplace, but we do build fires when we go camping. I love to get toasty by the fire, but have to be careful not to get too close…I’ve almost become the fire a time or two!

    • Your in good company I’ve caught a sock on fire. It was a little one. The fire not the sock…. point is I’m quite the klutz!

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