Hello world!


I have followed other musicians blogs and been disappointed to find that someone else was composing the posts, they never talked about topics off music or self promotion. SO as of right now I vow to not use a ghost writer, hi-light others that I think are noteworthy and that you may like.  Most of all not make every post a me me me buy buy buy post. I will keep you posted however in my progress, but make most of them as personal as I dare.

Thank you so much for visiting I hope you sign up for my newsletter, follow me on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. I am a huge fan of all music that is GOOD..doesn’t matter the style and in fact like to explore around the world for interesting sounds, even unknown great talent. My guy is a pro-musician so know the lives and challenges of music making and performing. Finding you is a refreshing moment and to meet you through of all places Pinterest! I have collected a large selection of music videos and posted on my Pinterest. Do you have anything up on youtube? Will also sign up to your newsletter, looking forward to your heartfelt writing!

    • I wish I had some stuff on You Tube. I have totally changed my sound from LOST AND CONFUSED to settled into who I AM. Which is refreshing.

      I am mixed (black and white) People expect me to sing like Beyonce or Aretha Franklin. But I don’t really care to perform that stuff anymore. I have been trying to reinvent my sound and style to reach the type of audience I want. i.e. women who are not in DA CLUB or looking for love or heart brake. SO this is to try to document my journey and blah blah blah…

      I would LOVE to check out your artist collection. Could you send some links?
      Your guy is LUCKY to have you someone looking for stuff to help him out. My husband is the same way.

      Are you on Facebook I would LOVE to keep in touch there!!!


      I would also like to hear your man’s music!
      Thanks SOOO much for taking time to comment on my post and I hope you keep coming back!

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