Gatekeeper…     WE MADE IT!     Friday Again I Know I’ve Been Away But As You Know For A Good Cause!     I’ll Be Round For The Next Week It’s Nice To Take Off The Composers Hat Let My Hair Be Free!     I’ll Be Trying To Complete ONE MORE … More It’s FRIDAY

Short Cuts…

Gatekeeper…   I’m Still Working Hard On The Albums Catch That (s) I’ve Been Away Working Because…   I Know Your Waiting Thank You For Your Patience Tempus Fugit ~The Oracle While You Wait… The Poisoners Garden Is Still Open Come By You Tube Watch For Free OR Download For Free At Google Play


Happy Friday Gatekeeper… . . . This Friday You Find Me Composing The Next Story Album . . I Can’t Tell You The Title But I Can Tell You It Has HORNS! . . . Love A Good Symphony Do You? Well Good Music Takes Time To So Sorry But There Will Be Short Posts … More It’s FRIDAY

Monday Mantra

Gatekeeper… This Week . . . Please Come To The Poisoners Garden & See What Everyone Is Talking About: “Great harmonic changes, such a great mood and dark atmosphere.”                                                     … More Monday Mantra